Our Stars.

Tian van den Heever


Tian has a wealth of experience with budgets big and small and is as comfortable directing a cinema camera mounted to a gyro-stabilized crane arm on a tracking vehicle as with shooting on a handheld iPhone .

With over two decades as an award-winning ad guy under his belt, Tian understands the needs of commercial clients and has a wealth of experience in the digital and social realms. This gives him a unique insight into developing creative and production efficiencies to help make your budget go further and work better across all platforms.

Involve Tian in the early stages of your project’s ideation, and you can tap into his wealth of experience and unique insights, enhancing the overall creative and production efficiencies. Tian is adept at juggling time, money, personalities, and problems to produce win-win solutions and work that you’ll love. On-time and with a smile.


2023 Toyota Vitz Rapper
2023 Digicape Cube
2021 HINO 300 Hashtag Connect
2019 Peak Coffee – Come Alive
2023 Toyota Dakar – Dust
2018-2023 Toyota Stories Supercut
2022 ToyotaFam S2 – Hybrid Air Intake
2023 SAT National Conference Bureau
2020 Toyota Dakar – Meerkats 2