Big open work spaces allow teams to work closely, face to face. This makes collaboration seamless by enabling designers and other colleagues to rapidly iterate on ideas and get feedback by simply looking up and asking. Whiteboards are abundant so it’s easy and quick to engage in design thinking activities any time the need arises. Lounge setups provide comfortable and casual places to chat, review work, and of course share food.

Determining the right layout

With a rectangular shape and limited square footage, figuring out how to arrange everything was a bit challenging. The plans went through a few iterations to find just the right balance of the versatile spaces that larger studios boast. The final design placed team desks parallel to the large glass wall, giving designers a nice view out of the studio and others a nice view of the design magic happening within. Breakout spaces and the more private meeting rooms were set along the back wall. The team moved in to the space in April and have been enjoying their new digs.

A brief history of the numeric keypad
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